Moving to DigitalOcean

Just spent the better part of the day moving this site, along with a handful of others that share the same WordPress multisite install, from Softlayer to DigitalOcean.

And so far, so good. I tried a couple of page speed reports before and after the move and they all showed a quicker response. Nothing negative against Softlayer. I’ve been with them for many years, and that may be part of the issue that I was on a relatively out of date dedicated box. It also was running cPanel, and now I’m not so that could be at play as well.

The goal is to move from the roughly $200 a month I was spending on Softlayer to no more than $30 or $40 a month with DigitalOcean droplets. The $200 was way more than I needed for the sites I’m running, so I think a goal of $40 is pretty realistic.

I may put up a review at some point, but for now I’ve not been online with DigitalOcean long enough to have a valid opinion.

Okay, and now back to the quizzes…

Subnet Practice for Cisco CCNA Exam

This quiz is for subnet practice and allows you to practice identifying network and broadcast addresses given an IP address and netmask.

This quiz is for practicing with subnets using all netmasks and CIDRs. It’s meant for practicing for the Cisco CCNA exam and is part of the Cisco Exploration and the second semester of the Discovery curriculum.

If you would rather practice with a more classful approach using only the /8, /16, and /24 subnets there is another quiz here that you can try.

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OSI Layer Quiz

OSI, or Open Systems Interconnection, layers are used to separate how traffic moves between computers. By using these layers network techs can narrow down where problems occur and save time by only troubleshooting where a potential for the problem may exist.

Catch is, the OSI model is a difficult concept for many learning networking for the first time. Below is a short 10 question quiz covering the basics of the OSI model.

Note that some of the questions may have multiple correct answers. Be sure to select all that apply.

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